15 Genius Money-Saving Hacks To Cool Down Without Using The AC

 It seems like we’re officially in the thick of the annual heat wave where you feel sticky immediately after showering and putting makeup on seems pointless since it’ll just slide off your face anyway

As the mercury often shoots past 33 deg C nowadays, even with the short rainy spells, there is no escaping sweaty days or humid nights. Air-conditioning is an easy fix. But running it all day is going to hurt both the environment and the wallet.

To beat the heat, try out these 15 simple and cheap hacks to cool down, all tried and tested by ST journalist Natasha Ann Zachariah:

You can freeze fruit such as, grapes, cherries and cranberries and eat them straight from the freezer as a cool treat. Putting frozen white or red grapes in room temperature wine is a good way to chill the beverage, too. Using ice means a watered-down drink when it melts – which does not happen with frozen fruit.

How effective? I got a brain freeze from eating the grapes straight from the freezer, but it was an instant cool down from the heat.

Add fruit to ice cubes
Credit: 123RF

Wash blueberries and place them in an ice cube tray. Fill the tray with water and put it in the freezer. Once the cubes have frozen, pop them into cold water for a flavoured drink. You can use other fruit such as strawberries and cranberries.

How effective? I ended up drinking more water than usual. The flavoured cubes made plain water more exciting to drink.

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