Geka Introduces Innovative Shadow Printing Service for Premium Cosmetics Packaging

Contrast Texture Printing

Geka Launches Groundbreaking Shadow Printing for Standout Cosmetics Packaging


Geka is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of packaging applicators and products for the beauty and cosmetics industry. As consumer demand grows for more sustainability coupled with premium, customized packaging, Geka has launched an innovative "shadow printing" technique.

What Is Shadow Printing

Shadow printing utilizes contrasting matte and shiny surfaces to create stunning designs and textures. This method enables intricate graphics and patterns without requiring additional foils or specialty inks, making it an eco-friendly printing process.

Benefits for Cosmetics Brands

Shadow printing provides brands numerous advantages:

  • Seamless 360° design application covering entire packaging
  • Customized textures and graphics for premium aesthetic
  • Sustainability from recyclable and reduced materials
  • Ability to combine with other printing like hot stamping
  • Enhanced durability and scratch resistance
  • Brand differentiation with unique, upscale designs

Sustainable Production Process

As sustainability grows increasingly important to consumers, shadow printing offers greener production methods by:

  • Using water-based inks and recyclable aluminum
  • Requiring no additional foils, varnishes or specialty inks
  • Having low scrap waste during printing

This allows brands to align with consumer values while achieving striking packaging designs.

Customization for Every Brand

Geka's shadow printing service offers limitless flexibility for brands to express their identity. Custom options include:

  • Bespoke graphic designs, patterns, logos
  • Matte, shiny, metallic, glittering finishes
  • Embossing and debossing effects
  • Placement anywhere on packaging

Innovations in Printing Technology

Shadow printing represents groundbreaking innovations in Geka's proprietary printing methods:

  • Patented techniques for contrasting texture effects
  • Ongoing R&D investments in printing tech
  • Future capabilities like tone-on-tone designs

With recent machinery upgrades, Geka can now offer shadow printing on an industrial scale to brands globally.


Geka's revolutionary shadow printing system enables brands to achieve stunning, sustainable packaging that uniquely represents their ethos. As covered on, this method marks a new direction for the future of cosmetics packaging.

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about Geka's shadow printing service for cosmetics packaging:

What is "shadow printing" for cosmetics packaging?

"Shadow printing" is an innovative printing technique launched by Geka that creates a stunning contrast between matte and shiny surfaces on cosmetics packaging. This enables bold, customized graphics and textures without requiring additional foils or specialty inks.

How does shadow printing enhance packaging aesthetics?

Shadow printing allows for seamless 360° graphic application on packaging. Brands can achieve unique designs like debossed logos with a shiny finish, glitter effects, and metallic textures. This special contrast provides upscale, premium packaging aesthetics.

What are the benefits of shadow printing for brands?

Key benefits include brand differentiation, ability to align with sustainability values, and enhanced durability that resists scratching. Shadow printing also complements other techniques like hot stamping for a range of decorative effects.

Does shadow printing support sustainability initiatives?

Yes. By using recyclable aluminum and water-based inks, requiring no extra foils/varnishes, and producing little material waste, shadow printing adheres to eco-standards. Brands can satisfy consumers’ demand for sustainability without sacrificing design.

How customized can the printing be?

Brands have near limitless customization abilities with shadow printing. Geka can produce completely bespoke designs, patterns, textures, and logos tailored to each brand's unique identity and packaging needs.

What industries beyond cosmetics could use shadow printing?

The premium aesthetics and durability make it well-suited for luxury packaging across industries like spirits, perfumes, gourmet foods, and more. Any brand wanting shelf appeal and tactile experience would benefit.

How was the shadow printing technique developed?

Geka invested years into R&D, resulting in patented innovations in contrasting matte/glossy effects. Recent proprietary machinery upgrades now enable industrial-scale shadow printing globally.

How does shadow printing impact packaging costs?

By eliminating the need for additional foils, varnishes or specialty inks, shadow printing maintains cost-efficiency. Savings help offset the setup expenses for custom graphics and unique designs.

Are there any limitations with shadow printing?

The technique poses nearly no restrictions on graphics, finishes, or substrates. However, extremely intricate details in designs may incur higher costs. Geka's packaging experts collaborate with brands to ensure feasible, stunning aesthetics.

Does Geka offer other sustainable printing services?

Yes. Geka has prioritized developing eco-friendly printing systems like water-based inks and recyclable materials across its services. They also consult brands on designing optimally sustainable packaging.

As covered on, Geka's move into shadow printing marks a major advancement in cosmetics packaging technology. This service enables brands to meet consumer demand for premium, sustainable products that stand out on shelves.