Bella Hadid's Cowgirl Copper Nails Will Be Everywhere This Spring

Bella Hadid is in her cowgirl era. While you might ask, "Hasn't Bella Hadid famously always been into horses?" I'd argue that, while yes, the 27-year-old is a horse girl through and through, this is something different. Instead of visiting the stable on her day off (her horse's name is Tito, FYI), she's fully ingrained herself in the world of rodeos, even going so far as to make it Instagram official with a cowboy boyfriend named Adan Banuelos. Perhaps more importantly, she's also invented a new manicure trend.


While there's so much to look at in Miss Hadid's recent rodeo-centric Instagram posts, one detail that stands out is her and her loved ones' commitment to a metallic mani. In every photo posted by the model on March 26, Hadid, her mom Yolanda, and various friends are rocking shimmering nail lacquer the color of freshly shined copper. We're calling the shade "cowgirl copper," naturally.


Playing off the Orebella founder's brown sequin open-back top, highlights, and metallic bronzer, the shade appears similar to OPI's Worth A Pretty Penne ($12), Essie's Penny Talk ($10) or Olive & June's Sundance Shimmer ($9). The trick here is to get a soft shimmer reminiscent of a shiny belt buckle that needs a bit of polishing; I'd say one or two coats is the way to go. Major chunks of glitter are fun, but don't necessarily scream "yee-haw."


There's also no hard and fast rule regarding nail shape, but Hadid seems to prefer a short, rounded look. Last but not least, part of the charm here is that growing out your manicure isn't something to fear. A little chipping or nail bed growth like Yolanda exhibits just show how passionate you are about the sport. It gets dusty out there, you know. Hop in the saddle (or rather, the manicure chair) and enjoy the ride.

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