"Stone Nails" Will Be Everywhere This Spring, According to TikTok

Thanks to TikTok, it feels like there's a new It nail color every time we open the app. Earlier this fall, classic cherry red dominated the fingertips of It Girls everywhere. After that, things got darker and cherry mocha was the shade du jour. Things got sparkly around the Holidays, and if TikTok is any indication, we'll be looking to nature for nail inspiration this spring, considering "stone gray" is the color of the moment.

The trend was kick-started by TikTok megastar Alix Earle, who documented her trip to the nail salon to get a new, unexpected nail color, inspiring everyone on #NailTok to do the same.

Maybe it's the power of Alix, maybe it's the change of seasons, or maybe we're simply getting tired of bright colors on our nails—whatever it is, we're all in on stone gray. Ahead, everything you need to know about the trend, and how to get the look.

Alix Earle's stone gray nails

The Trend

On February 21, Earle, one of TikTok's reigning beauty queens, shared a video of herself heading to the nail salon in search of a "stone gray color" for her nails because she's been in her "gray era." From the looks of it, she tried out a few different shades before landing on her stone gray of choice—a light-medium shade of gray with cool blue undertones. At the end of the video, she proclaimed that "stone nails are having a moment." Then, they indeed started having a moment.

Immediately after she posted the video, people swarmed to the comments, writing things along the lines of "Alix got gray nails, so I'm going to get gray nails." Videos of people getting in on the trend quickly followed. Even nail brands like OPI (which Earle ended up wearing in her video) and DND got in on the trend with a meme and a video with the caption "When Alix Earle says 'Stone Nail' is in, then they are in," respectively.

As Alix explained in her video, the appeal of the shade comes from its unexpectedness. Though we were reminded of Hailey Bieber's slightly lighter, Rhode bottle-esque gray nails from the fall and Jennifer Lopez's "cozy gray" nails from a few weeks prior, it's not a nail color you see all the time.

Hailey bieber walking on the street with stone gray nails

It's also the perfect edgy shade for the spring, considering it's basically the pastel version of black. It matches everything, but at the same time, it's a bit of a statement move. Stone gray is a quiet chameleon you can fit into any aesthetic or vibe—from coquette to e-girl. And depending on what you're wearing, they either pop or blend right in.

Not to mention, stone nails are the perfect base for a plethora of different nail designs to spring off of. To ease into the trend, you could use it for your French tips or just as a statement nail. If you want to make it more fun, add a chrome finish or accents. You could even put a playful twist on gray with checkered or striped designs. The possibilities are endless.