Make your own cold brew


Instead of spending $6 on cold brew coffee from a hipster cafe every day, you can build your own cold brew “machine” for a cheap supply in just six easy steps:

  1. Cut off the bottoms of two 600 ml water bottles and punch a small hole in the centre of one of the bottle caps.
  2. Then, cut two sheets of coffee filter paper so that they are big enough to cover the mouth of the bottle. Place both filters in the cap with the hole and screw the cap back on the bottle.
  3. Put the bottle with the filter cap inside the bottle without the cap and invert over an empty water glass.
  4. Fill the open bottle with freshly ground coffee – the amount depends on how strong you want your coffee to be.
  5. Add water to the coffee grounds and stir until all the grounds have been hydrated.
  6. Put the whole contraption in the fridge and let the mixture drip on its own. You should have a cold brew ready in about an hour or so.

How effective?  The “machine” worked well and the brew tasted delicious. However, the whole set-up was precarious because the plastic bottles are light. I knocked it over by accident, which caused quite a mess.

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